AES (SCOTLAND) LTD undertake all aspects of residential and commercial procurement, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of automatic car park barriers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirlingshire, West Lothian, East Lothian, Fife and the Scottish Borders, Scotland, UK: -

Automatic Car Park Barriers

Barriers, offer controlled access and egress to vehicle parking and security areas.

The barriers are available in varied sizes and can be fitted with a large range of additions including boom lights, security skirts and accessories ranging from traffic lights through all sorts of command, safety and miscellaneous equipment, to signs and notices.

Manual, automatic, low use, heavy duty, single arm, skirted, long beam or short.

AES (SCOTLAND) LTD has a complete range to offer an array of customer's specific requirements.

AES (SCOTLAND) LTD is not a barrier manufacturer but an installation and service company.



G2500, G4000, G6000, G12000

Barrier systems for 2.5m, 4m, 6m and 12m accessways.

24V DC / 300W SELF-LOCKING electro-mechanical gearmotors (protection grade IP54), built in control panel, adjustable balancing system, frame galvanised sheet metal with RAL 2004 polyester enamel finish or brushed stainless steel, base plate and brackets for floor installation, release system with key interchangeable within the CAME system, 24V - 230V power supply connections for installation of selector switches, photoelectric cells, radio controls, flashing lights and standby batteries, adjustable movement and approach speeds, minimum opening time of 4-5 seconds, connections for pre-opening and pre-closing flashing light, amperometric obstacle detection system in opening and closing.


G2500, G4000, G6000, G12000 Barrier Systems Accessways


The new G8000 8 metre barrier system

A new concept in automatic barriers.

  • INTEGRATION AND MODULARITY: photoelectric cells and command selectors are integrated with the automation, in perfect visual harmony.

  • EXCLUSIVE INCORPORATED FLASHING LAMP with a lighted LED diffuser. Combines design and modern lighting technology of illumination.

  • COMMAND ELECTRONICS positioned in a way to make any type of intervention particularly practical.

  • ANTI-SHEARING SECURITY mechanism in the point where the bar rotates.

  • SELF-MEMORIZATION of the radio code between the transmitter and the radio receiver.

  • ROUND TUBULAR BAR: for maximum reduction of the “sail” effect.

  • SAFETY LIGHTS: an electronic contact cuts off the illumination voltage once the inspection door is opened.

  • ENCODER: for the electronic control of the movement in the version with a 230V motor.

  • SPRING WITH DIFFERENTIATED SENSITIVITY: For supreme balancing of the shafts.

G8000 8 metre barrier system


Further information on automatic barriers can be found on the BPT Automation and CAMEUK Links:


The following are also our most popular car park associated products.

We have also indicated below typical manual barriers and security posts / bollards we use.

Please contact us for further information about any of these products.


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