AES (SCOTLAND) LTD’s vast range of installation areas include anything and everything pertaining to CCTV Video/Audio Surveillance, Access Control all which can be integrated with Intrusion Detection and Video Monitoring.


From the simplest of systems to the most complex, AES (SCOTLAND) LTD has become an installer of CCTV because we have the knowledge, experience and service to do it all.

AES (SCOTLAND) LTD use all of the following equipment and more: - Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s), Network Video Recorders (NVR’s), Color Day/Night Cameras, Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, Indoor and Outdoor Pan, Tilt and Zoom Cameras, Fixed Zoom Cameras, LCD Flat Screen Video Monitors, Infrared Cameras, License Tag Capture Cameras, Network IP Cameras, Fully Networkable Systems, Fiber Optic Systems, Wireless Camera Systems, Wireless Networking Systems, and Central Station Video Monitoring.



Why are some cameras more expensive than others?
Some cameras are more expensive due to their specific features and application.

What is "CCTV"
Closed-Circuit-Television (CCTV) is the terminology used to describe an arrangement of surveillance cameras used to monitor a given location.

What is the difference between a dome camera and a fixed camera?
A dome camera is used to conceal the position of the camera lens behind a smoked "dome" housing and is typically mounted flush with the ceiling, whereas a fixed camera is more noticeable and can be mounted on either ceilings or walls.

Why do quotes for surveillance systems vary so greatly among different installers?
Since there are no "Set" packages in the surveillance business, each system is specifically designed and priced for the user and application. Therefore when shopping for a surveillance system it is important to get quotes from different installers for the same equipment models and scope of the overall system, due to the fact that different installers will select different equipment for each system.

What is "Access Control"
Access Control is a form of security which restricts and allows individuals to enter and exit a location as well as track an individual's movement throughout a facility. Some forms of access control include keypad door locks, security badges, swipe/proximity cards, as well as emergency exit alarms

I have an existing surveillance system. Can I upgrade my system without spending a lot of money?
Yes, if you currently have a system utilizing a traditional VHS tape recorder, you may be able to upgrade to a Digital Video Recorder and keep the majority of you existing equipment. This is much more cost effective than replacing your entire system.

What is a DVR
A DVR is a Digital-Video-Recorder. It functions similar to a computer and records video on a standard hard drive. It has the ability to store much more video than a traditional VHS recorder with better quality. Some DVR's have the ability to be viewed over the internet with software.

Why should I choose AES (SCOTLAND) LTD as my solution?
AES (SCOTLAND) LTD not only has the experience and expertise to design, install and integrate any CCTV / Access Control system, but we offer a superior level of customer service that consistently outshines our best competition. AES (SCOTLAND) LTD creates a value for our clients by providing them with excellent products at competitive prices, installing systems with accordance with the highest standards and by providing our clients with a high degree of support thereafter. These reasons and more are why people are choosing AES (SCOTLAND) LTD as their solution.


AES (SCOTLAND) LTD are also extensive installers of ANPR systems, the next generation in Security Technology.


ANPR System Overview

AES (SCOTLAND) LTD’s ANPR systems bring a new dimension of decision making information for Security and Traffic Management. We use equipment that uses a unique, approach that automatically detects the presence of any vehicle in its field of view, captures an image containing the license plate, locates it and identifies the corresponding number and location of issue. The approach can read all types of license plates including plates that may have become non-reflective due to dirt, snow or other factors. AES (SCOTLAND) LTD’s ANPR system automatically captures, identifies and records the alphanumeric code. The process occurs in real time, thus minimizing the transit and wait times. The information gathered from the plates can be linked to databases for background checks and can assist in generating accurate usage statistics and updating existing database records. The ANPR systems we use have been proven effective domestically and internationally for vehicle identification at both national installations and for access control applications.

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