Automatic Barriers

AES are Premier Specialist Installers of Automatic Car Park Barriers in Scotland

AES (SCOTLAND) LTD undertake all aspects of automatic car park barriers in Edinburgh, Fife, Perth & Kinross, Glasgow and most of the Central Belt.

Automatic Car Park Barrier installed in Edinburgh Scotland

Automatic Barriers

Automatic Car Park Barriers control the number of vehicles that are entering and leaving a particular property, they can also be especially useful for managing parking in busy areas.

If a business has a lot of vehicular traffic coming and going from their premises, then automatic car park barriers are extremely beneficial.

Automatic car park barriers are also relatively inexpensive to install, they are extremely efficient in their operation and are reliable.

If your property has a large car park, it is quite common for unauthorised people to use valuable spaces without any intention of using your business. By installing automatic car park barriers, this can help to ensure that people do not abuse the car parking space and park illegally.

Installing automatic car park barriers can also help authorised people or staff to find spots to park more easily. This can also eliminate the need to employ parking attendants to patrol the area, which can help to save costs.

Some of the features that our barriers include

Arm lengths from 2.5m up to 12.0 metres.

230v electrical supply.

Electromechanical operation i.e., motor and gearbox.

Adjustable speed, acceleration, and deceleration.

On our barriers up to 6m, the brushless magnet motor generates no friction or heat and can run non-stop.

Controller uses mosfet switches, not relays.

On barriers up to 6m the absolute encoder reads 4800 pulses per revolution, and constantly monitors the position of the beam. If the beam meets an obstacle the unit will reverse without the need for additional devices.

Manual override in case of power failure.

Automatic Car Park Barrier installed in Stirling Scotland

Added benefits

Specific Colours Available on Request
Low Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Heavy Duty Bearings

Optional extras

Mobile Arm Support
Folding Skirt
LED Boom Lights
Stop/No Entry Signs
Sensing Safety Edges
Magnetic Locks
Traffic Lights

Options for access control

Proximity Cards
Voice/Video Intercom Access
Token Acceptors
Remote Control Fobs
Key Switch
Loop Detectors

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